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Hawaiian Keywords

Need to brush up on your Hawaiian? Here are our top 10 must know Hawaiian words + phrases:
Makai + Mauka:
The words Makai & Mauka respectively mean towards the ocean & towards the mountains. On the islands, both words are used to give direction. 
The actual meaning behind the Hawaiian word aloha might just surprise you! Aloha is used as a both a greeting and parting that means love, kindness, & goodness. Use it to show a little love!
Mahalo is used to say thank you in Hawaii. Although you might see mahalo written across most waste bins in Hawaii, it does not mean trash.  
Kokua is used to describe help or assistance. If you wanted to get creative, you could say "Mahalo for your Kokua" which would translate to "thank you for your help".
Used to describe family. Often, this goes beyond blood family and is used to describe a sense of togetherness and mutual commitment within a community.
A catch all phrase used to describe something as moral or proper.
Vog describes the volcanic smoke that often wafts over the smaller islands from the Big Island. Usually, this smoke stimulates allergies for travelers.
Say it out loud! This informal greeting is used to ask how someone is doing.
The Hawaiian word for the green sea turtle. An endangered species in Hawaii, touching one of these peaceful creatures may result in a hefty fine.
We're sure you've heard this word used before! A lei describes the traditional Hawaiian necklace made of flowers, shells, leaves, or Kukui nuts.